NFL Twitter beats Michaels’ face in Deshaun Watson’s talk

Michaels avoided talking about Watson’s actual misconduct. He then made several insensitive comments regarding the NFL’s actions to protect women in the Watson orbit.

For example, Watson must use an in-house massage therapist and must go into therapy. Michaels told the whole thing into a joke that amounted to the amount of money needed to convince a man that he didn’t deserve to commit more sexual misconduct.

He put the cherry on top with talk of Brown exhuming the remains of Otto Graham to play quarterback for them.

Broadcast partner Michaels Kirk Herbstreet has not escaped criticism.

At least Herbstreit did not put his foot in his mouth, but his silence was noted.

Watson’s status is a sensitive topic for the NFL and its broadcast partners. It’s no surprise that they don’t want to have these conversations. However, people who deal with these parts must take seriously what they discuss.

It will be hard to watch the conversation head towards football only when Watson is back on the field. Coating it with sugar now makes it even more frustrating.

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