Royal experts are studying why Prince William is disappointed with Prince Harry

BAck when Prince William and Prince Harry They were children, they were completely inseparable, ordinary siblings tend to be so their whole lives. But these two are far from the norm, there will eventually come a time when they can be at odds for one reason or another.

The problem is Prince William I did not expect Prince Harry Almost separated from his family because of a woman. Royal family expert and author Kate Nicole It contains a detailed explanation of why Prince William appears to be the most disappointed monarch in Prince Harry’s actions.

In a sense, every royal is disappointed Prince Harry To make life decisions that kept him away from his family. Deciding to marry Meghan Markleout of that bubble, was absolute treason.

Nichols has a very specific view on the two brothers’ stripping: “He always thought Harry It would be his plane, and now he’s doing it on his own. Thank God it happened Kate by his side.”

Is there a fix for Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship?

As of now, there is probably no way to fix the relationship between both things because Harry I decided to live abroad. Prince William He reportedly asked him why he was in such a hurry when he met Meghan MarklePrince Harry got angry and asked, “Who do you think you are?” Well, next in line for the throne. This is exactly Prince William.


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