Sana Lathan shares candid memories of how working on ‘Wretched Groups’ helped inspire her first directorial debut.

The latest cool Actor to go in directing Sana Lathan for to go out. The movie is an upcoming drama based on the hate you give Author Angie Thomas’ book of the same name. After the actress for more than 25 years in the industry, especially in modern classic films such as love and basketballAnd the code And the Aliens vs PredatorsLathan shared how her experience led her to get behind the camera and enable a feature for the first time.

When CinemaBlend spoke with Sana Lathan about to go outwhich is now being shown in theaters and broadcast using a file Paramount + subscriptionThe 2022 Emmy Award Nominated Actor She shared what inspired her to move on to a bigger role in her Hollywood career. In her words:

I’ve worked with so many great directors, and maybe my desire to direct came more than working with directors I didn’t like [laughs] Unfortunately, and I’m not going to mention those, but, yeah, over the years just you realize, ‘Oh, wow. I have a point. I have a vision for this. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to star in so many movies where you’re in all day, every day For many years. And that in itself is an education. Well, I’ve had the experience of people I want to be like and people I don’t want to be.

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