Scream 6: Updated cast roster, including Courteney Cox and Hayden Panettiere

After the success of Legacy 2022, Scream The franchise is moving in full force into the future, and the next installment is due to arrive a little more than a year later than the previous one. Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette are back as directors for shout 6And while we don’t know anything about the plot other than the fact that it’s set in New York, the movie quickly put together a star cast.

cast shout 6 It includes a mix of veterans and novices, and we’ve put together this feature to identify all the actors and gather available information about their characters. As more names are announced, we’ll continue to update this feature, but below you’ll learn about all the names we know so far.

(Image credit: Dimensional Movies)

Courteney Cox

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