SVU fan’s favorite shot at the crossover premiere

The season premiere of Law & Order salvaged the huge intersection of Law & Order, SVU, and organized crime for one of the most shocking moments of Three Hour, a watch that focused heavily on Jack and the prosecution team trying to find a way to take down Sirenko and the person who answers him. Big spoilers from now on, so you’ve been warned. Thanks to video from Ava’s phone thrown out of the case, the prosecution’s case was based solely on Nicole’s testimony, but before they could move forward, her position was attacked by gunmen, and Amanda Rollins ended up being shot and badly injured during the shootout. .

Rollins and another officer were taking Nicole to the station so they could talk to her about the possibility of testifying to help with the case, but then several of the gunmen started shooting at them. They dodged behind the cars and returned fire, and Rollins knocked out one of their attackers.

Nicole then went to run behind another car closer to the house and Rollins tried to protect her and opened fire. Here Rollins was shot, and one of the gunmen tried to shoot her again but the other officer took him out with a bullet to the head.

He then went to call an ambulance and tried to apply pressure to the bullet wound, and Rollins was bleeding profusely from his stomach injury. She was rushed to the hospital and Carisi arrived at the scene in a utter distraught about Rollins and then headed to the hospital to see how she was. Her condition was unknown at this time, and Olivia Benson was also at the scene trying to find out how the gunmen knew their whereabouts.

It turns out Nicole had a hidden phone and received a Snapchat message that she answered, and apologized to Benson for messing things up and getting Rollins shot. Now we’re all waiting and seeing what happens to Rollins, and our fingers are crossed that she’s okay.

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