The brave turn takes big hits destined for the postseason

The Braves suffered some losses as the MLB playoffs approached.

The Atlanta Braves are doing everything they can to position themselves in the best possible way in the MLB Playoffs. With a few hits in the ad rotation, they’ll need all the advantages they can get to increase their chances of repeating their World Championship win last year.

The Braves are vying for the NL East crown, playing behind the Mets on Friday night. They’ll almost certainly make it past the season, but a win in the division would put them in the center of the first round, so there’s work to be done so far in the regular season.

However, there is bad news on the front, with the end of the season approaching. Fortunately, nothing catastrophic.

Braves take a spin on swing ahead of MLB playoffs

The Braves had just suffered two hits in their fiery spin. Spencer Strider is dealing with a slashing soreness and is expected to basically be out until he feels right back. Strider is still playing the game of hunting According to ESPN.

More substantial absence: Mike Soroka finished the end of the season (Subscription required) According to Justin Toscano. The brave put him on the list of those with right elbow pain. Soroka was working his way up the minor league ladder back to the top teams, but the team decided it was best to focus their efforts on getting healthy and preparing for next season instead.

Soroka’s move makes sense. He has not performed perfectly in the minor leagues and a return to the major tournaments at this point in the season will be difficult for Soroka and likely put him and the Braves at a disadvantage.

The promotion for Atlanta has been strong throughout the year. Their 3.43 ERA is second in the National League, and the staff as a whole is second in strikes in the Premier League (1,454). Fortunately, Max Fried (8th in ERA at MLB; 2.5), Kyle Wright (22nd in MLB at ERA; 3.18) and Charlie Morton (37th in ERA at MLB; 4.09) all seem to be looking good.

The Braves still have a good chance of winning the world championship again this year, but as always: it won’t be easy.

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