The white Xbox Series X appeared at Logitech Commercial

The Xbox Series X was shown in white in a new commercial for Logitech, leading to all kinds of speculation on the Internet. Xbox Series X launched in 2020 and when it was revealed at the end of 2019, many were highly critical of its design. It is a large black box with no real distinct shape, color or visual features. Compared to the somewhat odd, but unique look of the PS5, it’s a little disappointing. However, its design is actually an ingenious feat of engineering, using its rectangular shape and tower structure to create efficient airflow throughout the console and the holes in the top of the machine.

However, many have noted that its strange shape makes it difficult to get many exciting custom options. In fact, Xbox has been making Xbox Series S consoles dedicated to promoting video games and movies, but there aren’t many for the Xbox Series X. However, there may be a new version of the console. as such Spotted by VGCA white Xbox Series X is seen in the background of a commercial for Logitech’s Astro A30 gaming headset, a variant that doesn’t exist. It was probably created specifically for this ad, since it has a white tech theme, but it sparked speculation that it could become a reality. The Xbox One was launched in black, but was released in white later. The Xbox 360 was launched in white, but after a few years I got a black version of the piano.

As of now, fans should not be holding their breath. Xbox is still working through supply chain issues with the Xbox Series X and likely won’t be in a hurry to add a new version of the device to complicate matters. However, there are probably plans to make it a reality in the future. After all, Xbox has had a history of releasing various variants of its consoles over the years and the Xbox Series X has yet to see a new model.

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