TikTok gives users a way to hate comments on its platform

Despite the overwhelming success of TikTok, the company has continued to push its platform even further, constantly adding new features and improvements. Today, I’m announcing a new way for the community to provide feedback by disliking the comments on the platform.

TikTok started testing this feature earlier in the year, but has now made it available to everyone. The new comment system will allow users to give comments “Decline”. Although there are no rules for using the feature, TikTok has stated that the new interaction method will enable it to better see “inappropriate or inappropriate” comments. But it continued to say that its main priority was to introduce this feature to enhance the experience of its users. On the front of the feature, users won’t be able to see how many times a thumbs-down comment has been given. Furthermore, users will be able to reverse their decision if they choose to.

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Prior to the change, TikTok offered several ways to provide feedback on content. First, you can click on the heart to show that you like a video. There was also the option to leave a comment, and the last two methods allowed users to either mark their disinterest in the content or report it. While TikTok did not say what they intend to do with the new thumb system, it will be interesting to see how it affects users, creators, and the platform.

Over the past few months, TikTok has introduced quite a few features, some of which, like avatars, are just for more fun. At the same time, others aim to improve your well-being by adding more tools to curb your short video viewing habits. It also pushed the company to improve its transparency by introducing new APIs. TikTok has become a giant in recent years, causing competitors like Instagram and YouTube to tip their platforms by offering short-form vertical videos. While some platforms have made users embrace the new changes, others have not been so lucky, receiving severe reactions.

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