US Navy recruiter identified as Greg Hightower allegedly killed wife, injured NCIS agent in NW Harris County shootout!

Harris County, Texas (KTRK) – A US Navy recruit who allegedly killed his wife while holding their child in her arms has been released.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that Greg Hightower is the man who allegedly shot his wife in the Hempel area on Thursday afternoon.

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The shooting erupted when the Naval Criminal Investigative Services was interviewing Hightower’s wife about a report she had filed against him for abuse.

That’s when officials said Hightower entered the house with a gun, shot his wife, and left.

Then Hightower reportedly confronted CIA agents and crossfired. One customer who was injured in the hospital remains in stable condition.

Authorities said Hightower then drove to northwest Harris County, where District 4 deputies found him parked outside his mother’s home after she called 911.

Pct. Four MPs said there was a shootout in which Hightower was killed.

While authorities have not released the name of the murdered woman, ABC13 found out that she was 34 years old.

The investigators said the officers had had to come to their home twice before in connection with domestic violence incidents.

The first time was said to have returned in July, when investigators said the wife had accused Hightower of beating her. However, Hightower claimed the same thing, so, the prosecutors did not take any charges.

The second incident occurred on Thursday afternoon. Investigators told ABC13 that the woman called to ask how to file a restraining order before the tragic and fatal shooting.

ABC13 has reached out to the US Navy and the Hightower family, but we’re still waiting for a response.

This is just one example of what authorities are calling a much larger issue in Harris County, where they say more than 35% of homicides are caused by domestic violence.

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