Valve replaces Steam stats page with new real-time and weekly Steam charts

Valve recently rolled out a new beta update for Steam Deck with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Besides the beta update, Valve has also replaced the old stats page on Steam with a new feature called Steam Charts.

The new Steam Charts section highlights the most popular games on Steam with real-time and weekly charts to help users discover new games. It consists of an overview tab with a chart of online players and lists of the best-selling and most played games.

Additionally, the Overview tab includes links to Steam Devices Survey, Download Statistics, Customer Support Statistics, Weekly Top Sellers, and Top New Releases.

Screenshot of the Steam charts overview page.

The Top Sellers tab lists the top 100 selling titles by revenue, and you can filter these titles based on region. The list includes the current price of the game, the weekly change in ranking, and the number of weeks on the chart. The Most Played tab offers a similar list with the games listed according to the number of players in the game at the moment.

Screenshot of the Steam Charts Top Seller page.

Besides these tabs, the new Steam Charts page also offers a weekly chart of the best sellers with the 100 best selling games based on revenue and a monthly chart of the hottest new releases with a list of the most popular releases in each month.

Screenshot of the most played Steam Charts page.

You can check out the new Steam Charts page by following these steps this link. For more information on Steam charts, head over to the announcement page by following the link below.

What do you think of the new Steam charts page? Is it better than the outgoing stats page or would you prefer it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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