Enola Holmes 2 Netflix’s Teams Trailer Millie Bobby Brown’s Character Back Up With Henry Cavill Sherlock

Millie Bobby Brown was already one of Netflix’s heavy hitters to play Eleven in Weird things (which returns for the fifth and final season), and now it’s an even bigger deal on the platform thanks to its own movie series. with 2020 Enola Holmes After recording a positive critical reception and plenty of views during its first several weeks of availability, a sequel was officially added to the green in 2021. After the first Enola Holmes 2 Pictures dropped last month, now the first trailer has arrived as part of Netflix’s Tudum event, featuring Brown Enola and her brother Sherlock Holmes, re-photographed by Henry Cavill together.

On the heels of solving her first puzzle, the end Enola Holmes She saw her title character while residing in London and starting her career as a detective. Unfortunately for her, the Enola Holmes 2 The trailer shows that Enola hasn’t been able to secure a single case, as people don’t take her seriously because of her age or because they’d rather hire her more famous brother.

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