Everything coming to HBO Max in October 2022

Every Sunday in October there will be a new episode of Dragon House air on HBO and HBO Max, but Game of thrones prequel isn’t the only thing coming to the streaming service next month. HBO Max recently revealed the full list of movies and TV shows that were added to their collection over the course of October, and there’s plenty more to their subscribers to look forward to.

Plus new episodes of Dragon HouseHBO has two original shows set to premiere its second year season in October. 5 . Streetwho has been away for two years, will return for its second season on October 10, airing on HBO with a simultaneous debut on HBO Max. white lotusThe Emmy-winning series from Mike White returns for its second season on October 30.

As far as the original HBO Max goes, the DC series pennyworth He will return for his third season in October. The series was previously on Epix but moved to HBO Max before its third season, with the new title Pennyworth: The Origins of Batman Butler.

You can check out the full list of HBO Max October add-ons below!

October 1

Æ on the flow2005 (HBO)
Came along the spider2001 (HBO)
Bad news bears2005 (HBO)
bad teacher2011
before I fall2017 (HBO)
Before Mickey Mouse: A History of American Animation
black cradle2013 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
blackthorn2011 (HBO)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969
Call me by your name2017
Animation Century Exhibition: 1922, 2022
Charlie St Cloud2010 (HBO)
Christmas in Connecticut1945
foreheads1993 (HBO)
disclosure1994 (HBO)
District 92009 (HBO)
down the balcony2009 (HBO)
Hey man, where’s my car?2000 (HBO)
Eyimofe (This is my wish)2020
fair game2010 (HBO)
Federico Fellini Intervista1987
sincere2014 (HBO)
The land of freedom2006 (HBO)
grand piano2013 (HBO)
Hoosiers1986 (HBO)
hot summer nights2017 (HBO)
Mumbai Hotel2018 (HBO)
I’ll get you sokka1988 (HBO)
Jacket, glove, or jumper2008 (HBO)
Juno2007 (HBO)
girls kissing1997
la ronde1950
Let’s be police2014
little Women1933
Lucy del Varetta1950
Max Steiner: Film Music Maestro2019
meet the Spartans2008 (extended version) (HBO)
A miracle in Milan1951
my best friend girl2008 (extended version) (HBO)
Naval military units1990 (HBO)
night crawler2014 (HBO)
No place on earth2012 (HBO)
Nothing but trouble1991 (HBO)
Unlock Season 22008
open season2006
Popstar: Never stop stopping2016 (HBO)
Promised Land2012 (HBO)
rock dog2016 (HBO)
Scooby Doo! Sword and Scoop!
SWAT (film), 2003
Silent Hill: 3D Revelation2012 (HBO)
Spotlight2015 (HBO)
granulation terms1983 (HBO)
The adventures of Pinocchio1996
USA President1995
Bad news bear1976 (HBO)
Bad news bears go to Japan1978 (HBO)
Bear the bad news in urgent training1977 (HBO)
The bridge over the River Kwai1957
Eye2008 (HBO)
Haunting Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia 2013
The perfect host2010 (HBO)
perfect storm2000
two faces of january2014
the witch2015 (HBO)
Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar movie2012 (HBO)
to wonders2012
crooked2004 (HBO)
very deep2006 (HBO)
Whose line is this for anyway?season 9
Yvonne Orji: A Whole MePremiere Special (HBO)

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October 2

101 places to celebrate before you dieseason 1
apartment complex c

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6 October

folkloreMax Original Seasons 2 premiere
Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman ButlerMax Original Season 3 premiere
Street andMax Original Season 2 premiere

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October 7

Laud ropepremiere documentary (HBO)

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October 8

Straight Out of Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets the Brave of a Cowardly Dog2021

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October 10

5 . StreetSeason 2 premiere (HBO)
oh hell, Max Original Season 1 premiere

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October 11

38 in the gardenpremiere documentary (HBO)

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October 14

Blibby’s wondersseason 2 a
Upper Fixture: Castle

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October 15

Scooby Doo!2022

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October 17

Mr. Pickles
second section HBO Documentary Series Premiere

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October 18

WheelsSeason 1B premiere
By Design: The Joe Caroff Story
mother’s sonpremiere documentary (HBO)
Meet the wheelsseason 1 a

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October 19

Year One: A Political Epicpremiere documentary (HBO)

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October 20

legacyMax Original Season 1 premiere
The fastest woman on earth2022

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October 21

The Road to Restoration with Clint Harp season 3
Teen Titans Go! season seven d
Vale dos AsquidosMax Original Season 1 premiere

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October 23

La Pitchoune: Cooking in France season 1

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October 24

Green Lantern: Beware My Power2022

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October 26

Tree of Life: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shootingpremiere documentary (HBO)

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October 28

GarciaMax Original Season 1 premiere

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October 30

lost kitchenseason 3
white lotusSeason 2 premiere (HBO)



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