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The first full trailer for HBO’s adaptation the last of us It may be released very soon. the last of us It is one of the most popular video games of all time, being praised for its poignant and emotional story and complex characters. It’s a game many refer to when talking about the potential for storytelling in video games and it seems to have helped give us more cinematic story-driven games. As a result of its success, Sony has been trying to figure out a way to adapt it for live action for some time. At one point, Sam Raimi was attached to direct the big screen version of the game, but it eventually became an HBO TV series with Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller. We got our first glimpse of the HBO adaptation about a month ago, but fans have been waiting for a fitting full trailer.

Looks like it might finally happen very soon. on Twitter, the last of us Co-author Neil Druckman noted that there are only two days until the last day (September 26) and brought up some news for fans. Craig Mazin, co-creator and writer of HBO the last of usDruckmann replied with a gif from Ellie. Then the two exchanged gifs from Mazen’s other show, ChernobylAnd the the last of us. Naturally, this has led many to anticipate a proper trailer for the show on Monday, although nothing has been confirmed. The series wrapped filming over the summer and is expected to release sometime in early 2023, so the trailer makes sense now.

For those who don’t know, The Last of Us day is basically an official fan celebration of the game. September 26th is the day of the virus outbreak in the gaming world. The day was once called Outbreak Day, but it was changed after the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. The day is usually full of merchandise and other stuff for fans, but it looks like we could be hitting something big this year.

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