Does the name Disney California Adventures still make sense?

Of the six Disney theme parks in North America, Disney California Adventure is one of my favorites. It’s a quaint little place that has a charm that many other theme parks don’t have. It is not the park with the best rides, although it does have some great rides. It also doesn’t have a history like a place like Disneyland, but its own history is worth noting.

However, as part of this history, Disney California Adventure has gone through more significant changes to its core identity than any other Disney park in its life. Perhaps only Epcot at Walt Disney World has seen a significant change in its total life, and Epcot has been around for about twice as long. California Adventure is still a great park, but does its name still make sense? With news that the last area of ​​the original park, Pacific Wharf, is about to be renamed, it’s time to do something that hasn’t been done since. Disney and MGM parted ways And rename the American Disney park?

(Photo credit: Disneyland Resort)

Disney California Adventure was originally designed to be

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