Has the hacker been screwed over the two-point conversion penalty?

the athlete Pointed out with some help from Bucs reddit, it looks like only 20 seconds have gone into the play hour from touchdown to the final penalty kick. The play clock should be set to 25 seconds.

If true, those five seconds may have hampered Brady & Co.’s attempt to tie the match. But, again, we don’t yet have official comment from the responsible crew or the NFL.

To put things simply, Tampa Bay didn’t necessarily deserve to win this game from the start. The pirates played sloppy, controlling the line of melee at times. As much as the Bucs’ defense played out at the start of the year, their attack was baffling. Even at 45, one would expect the Brady-led system to be a bit more influential.

Instead, the Packers kept Tampa Bay in check in the afternoon — at least until the TB12 began its two-minute workout. The conversion fails, and Bucs may have a soreness. But the result will, of course, remain the same.

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