Taylor Swift is cursing more in her music now and fans have a related theory about midnight

Taylor Swift is always looking for new ways to keep her fans on their toes. In the past, she’s dropped albums without any warning at all, and is so fond of using hidden Easter eggs that she has her most devoted followers constantly searching for clues about the “Augustus” singer’s musical output. for her new album, midnightShe found a unique way to release her own playlist for the upcoming addition to her album, and one title in particular excited fans, and led to a new theory regarding the new album.

Every midnight at midnight, the pop star would post videos on TikTok in which she uses a bingo cage to identify track numbers, after which she reveals the corresponding song titles via an old phone. Fans absolutely love this, and were especially excited when she revealed the name midnightThe eighth track, where she revealed, is set to be titled “Vigilante S**t.” This is the first time Swift has included the word curse in a song title. Check out the video reveal below.

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