Valve makes a major update to its Steam Top Seller . chart

Valve just made a massive change to the top seller chart on the Steam PC platform. For those who use Steam regularly, the Top Sellers chart is often a good indicator of what PC users are actively buying and playing at any given moment. Despite this, the list of best sellers always has lagging data regarding which games perform the best. From now on, this will no longer be the case.

In recent days, Valve has released a core update for Steam which now features real-time data tied to the Top Sellers chart. This means that when viewing the list, users will be able to see which game on Steam happens to be generating the most revenue at that exact moment. Additionally, Valve now offers its own data when it comes to the most played games on Steam as well. While this information has always been available to view in various ways, Valve now presents players with this data within Steam itself so they can better see what might be popular at that moment.

“This new section replaces the old ‘Stats’ page on Steam and provides a better overview of what’s hot on Steam right now,” Valve explained in Articles that announced the changes. “The new bestseller lists ranks games based on total revenue, including all sources such as downloadable content (DLC) and in-game transactions so we can all get a more complete picture of gamers eager to engage and keep playing. This new is also being done Spread the revenue calculation method across many of the top listings throughout the Steam Store, including the “Top Sellers” tab on the Steam website’s homepage and genre and tag pages.

In addition to showing what’s going well on the top seller chart at the moment, Valve is now highlighting the top 100 best selling games in a weekly format as well. This weekly edition of the Top Sellers chart will now appear alongside the monthly list of top new releases, something Valve has been offering for some time now. Overall, these changes give Steam users more information than they did before, which is something no one should be alarmed about.

Are you happy to see that Valve has added more in-depth stats like these to Steam? And have you ever looked at this data yourself? Make sure to let me know either in the comments or message me on Twitter at Trustworthy.



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