Jax & 7th in downtown Richmond, Texas bringing community to the corner!

bySlovak Bob Across

Richmond, Texas – in Jax and the seventh In downtown Richmond, Texas, it’s all about community and family.

Amy and Cody Frederick are young parents who dream of bringing their community together through family. They invested in a four-storey building on the corner of Jackson and Seventh. Their cheat sheet for meeting people was to open their own coffee shop. Block House coffee & kitchen Opening the door to meeting new friends and building a family and community centered business.

Joining the Blockhouse in Jax, 7th Kombucha, Vintage Hope Boutique and Family Style Design – an exciting blend of coffee, health, fashion and design.

With the Richmond neighborhood closer, Jax and 7th’s Farmstand and Market are open every two Sundays, bringing local vendors selling their wares in the backyard Blockhouse.

Jax and 7th, the community on the corner, is really a gathering place for family, friends and friends.


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