Charli D’Amelio and family are ready for season 2 of ‘The D’Amelio Show’ streaming on Hulu!

New York City — What started with a Connecticut teen dancing on TikTok has grown into a media activity involving the entire Charli D’Amelio family. Charlie and her mother, Heidi, are both on “Dancing with the Stars” this season, and the second season of “The D’Amelio Show” is airing on Hulu.

Charlie’s father, Mark D’Amelio, said his family grew up watching eyewitness news in New York, and they also watched “Dancing with the Stars” for many years.

He told entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon that he knew his daughters were talented but couldn’t have foreseen everything that had happened to his family.

Going from Dancing in Your House to Dancing with the Stars is a huge leap, and Charli D’Amelio has made that leap in just three years.

“We can never really get down to exactly how that happened,” Charlie said.

What started with her posts on TikTok in 2019, has now grown to include her entire family.

These things are different,” Charlie said, pointing at the red carpet. “But we still have to do the same family things we’ve always done, and that’s really cool.”

In fact, “The D’Amelio Show” starring Charlie, her sister Dixie and their parents is now in its second season on Hulu.

“The whole first season was a huge turning point in our whole life,” Dixie said. “You’ve definitely seen what’s raw and real, and I think looking back, I learned a lot about myself.”

“Dixie has loved music her whole life,” said mum Heidi. “Charlie has been a dancer her whole life, and I think it’s with social media and everything else that has brought them to where they are today pursuing their passion.”

But their new home in Los Angeles is a world away from Norwalk, Connecticut, where Mark and Heidi D’Amelio raised their daughters.

“We definitely want to be a parent and we want to protect them but we know this is a great opportunity for them and we want them to take advantage of it,” Mark said.

Heidi and Charlie are competing in “Dancing with the Stars” this season, while the Hulu advertisement for their series notes that “fame is a family affair.”

At the same spot, Heidi said, “This has been a roller coaster ride.”

Actually, it was, but as Sandy Kenyon told, the key to dealing with sudden fame is to “always remember where you came from, remember who you are, and stay together.”

“The D’Amelio Show” is broadcast on Hulu, which is owned by the same parent company as this station.

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