Corey Feldman still wants to make a proper sequel to The Goonies and The Lost Boys

Corey Feldman has been all over the place when it comes to the odds of having a file fools The sequel is happening, but in a new chat with’s Chris Killian, he confirmed that he’s still interested in swinging it. along with lost childrenwhich had some low-budget sequel, Feldman said he’d still like the chance to revisit fools — but either way, he wanted to do it “the right way,” with a budget and a roster of actors that fit a little more in the ’80s classic.

fools It has always been a property where the following rumors have been circulating, but nothing has materialized yet. In 2021, director Richard Donner passed away, which means that any sequel must take place without him – and that too fools 2 He lost one of his greatest heroes.

“I mean, we’re done lost boys. We’ve made some additions. “I still wanted to make one last movie that was done the right way, with a big budget and all the cast,” Feldman said, adding, “We’re so grateful that people still love the movie, that people still remember the movie. Now that’s a re-release, so it’s kind of New and fun again. However, I still wanted to make a sequel to fools. I don’t know if that will happen – especially with Donner gone, it’s sad. But every few years, a new idea seems to be in the works and Warner Bros. approaches. From pressing the button and then collapse. So who knows? Maybe it will happen one day, and maybe it won’t.”

For years, Feldman has been excited about his sequel foolsbut even before Donner’s death, he seemed to be giving up the idea.

“All I know is that when I found out that my good friend Richard Donner had signed up to do it lethal weapon 5 As his swan song, well, you pretty much sewed up the rumor mill there. “It’s done,” Feldman said. [The Goonies 2] without [Donner]. And the [Donner’s] Turn off shooting guns using lethal Weapon People.”

However, in August, he gave an interview in which he suggested that there is always a possibility. catch? He wanted it to be a “done right” legacy sequel, not a remake that shrugged off the original movie.

Asked about the possibility of a reboot while appearing at the conference, Feldman dismissed the idea.

“You mean a sequel? You don’t want a remake, because that’s what they did Ghostbusters with girls. No, no, no, said Feldman Better A sequel, right? They did it right with Better. ”


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