Jim Kantor nearly fell out of a tree after hitting him while he was on the air as Hurricane Ian made landfall.

Hurricane Ian land in Florida He gave us some scary photos and footage posted by social users and the media that sent reporters to the scene to cover the minute to minute passage of the hurricane as it made landfall in United State.

Reporters, film crews, and producers demonstrated their commitment to the job by exposing themselves to the dangers of being in the eye of a hurricane to keep audiences up to date with the latest natural disaster updates rather than evacuation, but perhaps one of the most dramatic updates is moments lived when she became famous. Weather Channel correspondent Jim Kantor A living tree almost took her on the air.

Jim Kantor got hit by a tree while he was live

Jim Cantor He was reporting live from the intersection in Punta Gorda, Florida When he was nearly taken by a huge tree branch he was sent flying by Hurricane Ian Strong winds of over 100 miles per hour.

The famous meteorologist swept and crashed into a live tree during Hurricane Ian

Cantor He managed to stumble and free his legs from the tree branch as he put his hands on the road, and after freeing himself he got back on his feet and tried to reach a traffic light to hold onto it.

“You can’t stand!” he said, resisting the wind and rain.

pictures from Jim Cantor The live report quickly spread like wildfire across social media and the public expressed admiration for his dedication and thanked that he was not injured during his reporting.

Kyla Galer protects her microphone with condoms during Hurricane IanTwitter

Mike Seidel, another reporter for weather channel He expressed that this may be the worst hurricane to cover in 25 years, having experienced 90 storms during that time.

It was also noted that some media outlets put condoms over their microphones so that they could weather reports from the eyes of the storm without getting wet.


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