Joe Biden in the spotlight again: Asks about the Indiana lawmaker…who died two months ago!

TPresident of the United States, Joe Bidenagain the protagonist in a curious moment, but in this case a little unfortunate because it concerns a deceased person.

At a conference, Biden asked about Indiana legislator Jackie Walorsky, but the only problem is that she died on August 3 in a car accident.

Above all, the fatal error occurred at a conference on starvation that the deceased had recently helped organize. In it, Biden, in addition to the late Republican, thanked the bipartisan group of lawmakers who pushed the White House to organize the event, including the Democratic senator from New Jersey. Cory PokerRepresentative of Massachusetts, Democrat of Jim McGovern A Republican Senator from Indiana Mike Brown.

“Jackie, where’s Jackie?”

The moment occurred when the President was thanking all concerned attendees. At that moment he slipped his tongue and asked, “Jackie, where’s Jackie?” As if the legislator is alive.

It upset everyone in attendance and it only adds to the 79-year-old’s number of mistakes.

Oddly enough, at the time of Wallorsky’s death, Biden released a statement saying that he and the first lady were “shocked and saddened” by the news.

Biden’s mental health has often been questioned as a result of his countless blunders, and this latest incident adds additional weight to these claims.


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