3 Notable Giants Will Never Return And Where Will They Sign

Jock Pederson of the San Francisco Giants. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

These three top San Francisco Giants players won’t return next season and that’s where they sign up.

What will the next phase of the San Francisco Giants world look like? The team bought what they did in 2021 and came back with a similar club for the 2022 campaign. It didn’t work out well.

Giants can head towards a big offseason. There are a couple of payroll veterans who can definitely let go and they’re targeting players like Aaron Judge.

These three notable giants players stand out as the people from whom the team should move. Where would they sign instead?

1) Giants Free Agent Expectation: Jock Pederson will sign with Rangers

Watch out for the Texas Rangers to be a sneaky team to wreak havoc on free agency this winter. While Jock Pederson might not quite fit into a huge deal compared to some other signings, the guards could certainly use a big boost in the center.

Pedersen offered Rangers a legitimate left-hander – something they didn’t have much of in 2022. He could also be a DH candidate or even a man to take on several roles in two other overseas locations. Although Texans need it the most, affordable, experienced bats like Pederson also fit their needs.

It will be a meeting with Pederson and Cory Seeger in Texas. One notable difference between them: Pederson won back-to-back world championships. He did so with Seager in 2020 as members of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2021, Pederson added another episode with the Atlanta Braves.

Having a legitimate defensive player who won’t break the bank like Pederson makes a lot of sense for Rangers to pass.

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