Alyssa Wong talks about the physical horror of Deadpool, the new love interest and the Secret Killer Society

Deadpool fans have been celebrating a lot lately after Ryan Reynolds announced that Hugh Jackman will be returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Marvel Comics has big Deadpool plans too, releasing a new series from writer Alyssa Wong (DoctorAnd the iron fistand Marvel’s Stormbreakers artist Martin CoccoloHulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Crossing). New Marvel dead list series He finds a mouth-watering Merc to join a new group of mercenaries called Atelier, but first he must assassinate a prominent super-villain. There will also be a new love interest for Wade Wilson, and plenty of interesting body horror. spoke to writer Alyssa Wong about the launch of a new edition dead list series, what kind of horror body elements will be explored, the contrast between Atelier and other teams and groups that Deadpool was a part of, his new love interest, and more. We also have an exclusive first look at pages from dead list #1 by artist Martin Kokolo and illustrator Nirah Menon. He presents the first appearance at Atelier while also showing Haror, who appeared last year damn manThe villain Deadpool is sent to assassinate: Doctor Octopus.

body horror One of the most interesting aspects of the Deadpool ad was the body horror hook. What went into thinking to make that such a big part of your story?

Alyssa Wong: I love the horror of the body. All bodies are full of beautiful horror possibilities! They are incredibly complex systems that do weird things all the time. (Did you know there’s a very rare genetic disorder that causes all of your soft tissues to slowly turn into bone? Advanced fibromuscular dysplasia is wild!) My mom used to subscribe to these dermatology magazines, and I’ve been obsessed since I was a kid.

I think Deadpool is perfect for physical horror. Thanks to his regenerative abilities, he is basically not killed. But there are a lot of interesting things that you can take on someone without killing them, and exploiting the inability to kill, pushing them until they are horrible and terrifying, is a lot of fun.

And of course, because he’s Deadpool, he’s going to be fun! I wouldn’t call this a particularly grim and bleak story – it’s just a delightful story with some grim and exhausting biological horror.

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Mysterious Launcher

Wade Wilson seeks to join the elite group of mercenaries known as the Atelier. Whether it’s X-Force or Mercs for Money, Deadpool has a history of wanting to belong. What makes Atelier different from the previous organizations that Wade was a part of?

Imagine if a group of assassins were like, “What if we start a secret society and dress like Hellfire Gala every day?” This is the atelier. They are a very exclusive group with a secret and limited membership. They pay very well, have great health insurance, and only pursue outstanding goals.

Joining Atelier means you have “succeeded” in the world of mercenaries/assassins. It comes with a certain level of respect. And who doesn’t want respect?

The only downside to the atelier is that they are all very exciting, so working with them is kind of a pain. Big killer singer energy. Only you decide if the money — and the renewal — is worth it.

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new love interest

Love is in the air for Deadpool. How would you describe this new romantic relationship that Deadpool finds himself in?

It’s love at first sight. Or… something at first sight! We’re introducing a new character as Deadpool’s love interest and I’m excited to meet you! From the moment Deadpool lays his eyes on them, he’s completely gone for them. Lots of cute flirting, unfortunate pickup lines, etc., but falling in love with someone associated with Atelier comes with its own complications…

Having said that, there is a lot of chemistry in this book, and thanks to Martin Coccolo, it’s full of interesting, beautiful and scary people, so we’ll see how it goes!

I think it’s always terrifying to find someone who loves you for who you are – and if you’re a fast-talking, always-talkered guy with a reputation for being annoying, being vulnerable can be intimidating. It takes a lot of work through BS layers and opening up. I’m always curious about the lies people tell themselves. How we perceive and internalize other people’s characterizations of us: annoying, ugly, hard to come by, stupid, weird, whatever. This is something I want to explore on this tour.

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Old and new faces

Will we see any familiar faces in the Atelier, like the other notable mercenaries in the Marvel universe? Also, what can you tease about the notorious villain Deadpool’s mission to assassinate?

You may see a familiar face! But you’ll see a lot of new characters too, because I love creating new ones. As for the famous super villain… well, let’s just say he’s not fond of spiders.



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