Cypress massacre cold case arrest: Feng Lu, man accused of murdering coworker Maoye Sun and his family in 2014 to appear in court!

Cyprus, Texas (KTRK) – It’s been eight years of waiting for answers and an arrest in the Cypress family murder case of four. But, on Friday morning, a 58-year-old suspect is scheduled to appear before a judge.

Feng Lu is now detained at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office after being tracked down in California.

Lu had just returned to the United States earlier this month on a flight from China when he was arrested. He is accused of shooting and killing a father, mother and their two sons, who were aged 7 and 9.

The alleged murder occurred in January 2014 in a Cypress neighborhood.

According to details from shipping documents, Lu worked with father Maui Sun. The documents reveal that during an interview with investigators, Lu told police that he had asked Sun for a recommendation for a promotion.

Lu said Sun didn’t make the recommendation, so he called him to ask why he didn’t make it. Sun reportedly told Lu he recommended it, according to the documents.

When Lu returned to work the next day, he told police he felt “treated differently” by his co-workers. He said he thought Sun said something offensive about him to his co-workers after their phone call, which is why he wasn’t selected for the promotion.

According to court documents, Lu purchased a gun on January 23, 2014. Investigators believe he used the same gun to kill the Sun family two days later.

ABC13 has learned that a bag at the crime scene was instrumental in helping detectives connect Lu to the murders.

Investigators said new DNA technology was used to reprocess that bag, which attached the suspect to the site.

Friends of the Sun family said it was a long and agonizing wait for arrest, but they are glad it happened.

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