Magnolia buys US rights to Jerome Sall Film Compromate

Magnolia Pictures acquired the US rights to “Kompromat”, an action-thriller directed by Jerome Sal (The Largo Winch), starring Jill Lelouch (“The Stronghold”) and Joanna College (“Cold War”). SND, the commercial arm of M6, represents the film in international markets.

Based on a true story, “Kompromat” stars Lelouch as a French diplomat working in Siberia who is arrested at night by Russian authorities. Accused of sexually assaulting his daughter and imprisoning him, he realizes that he is a victim of Kompromat. Someone working with the FSB (Federal Security Service) to set it up. The only way out is to escape.

“The Kompromat movie is an incredibly tense spy movie,” said Magnolia boss Eamonn Bowles. “Jerome Sall and the star actress have made an exceptional film.”

Sall, who wrote the screenplay with Karel Ferry, a well-known French crime novelist, said the “compromat story” is “really relevant to our times” and added that “American audiences will see the film through their own lens.” Sal previously directed “Zulu” with Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker, and “L’Odyssée,” a Jacques-Yves Cousteau biopic with Lambert Wilson and Pierre Nene.

“Kompromat” was released in France by SND on September 7 and was one of the highest-grossing French films this month. SND has now sold the film worldwide to major distributors, including Germany, Austria, Italy (Koch Media), Spain (A Contracorriente), Switzerland (Pathé), Benelux (Athens), Australia, New Zealand (The Palace), Poland (Monolith), and the former Yugoslavia (Blitz). Upcoming releases are scheduled in Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, and Spain, among other regions.

“SND has done a great job for the French version, which is a success and we can’t wait for the film to meet American audiences, thanks to a reputable partner such as Magnolia Pictures,” said Albany de Jourdain, who produced the film. at Super 8 Productions. “The issues addressed in this exciting film are more important than ever,” said de Jordaan.

Ramy Nahas, Head of International Sales at SND, noted that “Magnolia has built strong experience successfully launching international features in the US.”

Lelouch is one of the most bankable domestic actors in France. It was a major title for Cedric Jimenez’s The Stronghold, the action thriller that was a huge hit on Netflix.

The executive producers are Albany de Jordan, Jerome Sall, and Mark Simone. The deal was negotiated by Magnolia John von Thaden, with SND’s Rami Nahas on behalf of the director.

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