Ralph Macchio talks if he will be in the new Karate Kid movie

While all eyes were on Cobra Kai Over the past few years, it looks like we might be getting another blast from the past with something new karate Kid Movie. with The fifth season of Cobra Kai It recently hit Netlfix, and with the movie being announced, Ralph Macchio, the original karate kid, explained what he knows about her.

The popular Netflix series has already brought back a lot of the main characters from the original series, including Karate Kid himself Daniel LaRusso, played by Macchio, and his antagonist from the first movie Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka. next Show success, this is new karate Kid The movie has been announcedbut Macchio doesn’t know much about her, as he explained to EW:

I don’t know any other information. It is too early to tell what this story is [with the movie]. That’s all, like, happening in real time and you’re asking me that question.


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