South Carolina braces for Hurricane Ian

a Revived Hurricane Ian hits the South Carolina coast and historic Charleston, where meteorologists predicted a storm surge and flooding.

Governor Henry McMaster said the storm is expected to bring massive amounts of water to Charleston, especially at noon Friday (12 p.m. EDT/1600 GMT) when high tide will reach the area.

“So we know there’s going to be water, a lot of water in Charleston at noon,” he said at a Thursday briefing.

With a hurricane warning for the South Carolina coast, shop owners left sandbags and storefronts in flood-prone areas and a steady stream of vehicles left Charleston for higher ground.

Governor McMaster urged residents to take the storm, and official sources, seriously.

“We know what’s going to happen. Oh, then there’s a little wiggle room and how heavy the rain is and how strong the wind is. But the biggest variable is human reaction. Do people fail to take precautions? That’s the real danger we face is human error.”

Earlier, the giant storm caused catastrophic damage in Florida, leaving people trapped in flooded homes and killing at least four people.


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