Unboxing of the new Intel Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards

They are here! The Intel Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards are at long last in our hands. Well, reviewers hands are with us. Here we have the top two renders of Intel’s Arc Alchemist range, its first serious attempt at consumer graphics.

We can’t show you much yet, there will be time for that later. In fact, all we can show right now is the physical hardware and the admittedly cute packaging that it comes with. These are Intel’s own designs and have the nickname “Limited Edition”. At first glance, it is very difficult to tell them apart, but then, the two are really identical. They may have been too close, but that’s for another day.

With that, let’s take a look at what you get.

Open the box for Intel Arc A770 and A750 processor

Intel Arc A770 معالج processor

Since it’s graphics cards, there isn’t really a whole bunch of items in the box. However, it’s actually quite an excellent package, and both the A770 and A750 are pretty much the same.

Inside the Intel Arc A770 box, you get:

  • Intel Arc A770 16GB Graphics Card
  • RGB control cable
  • Intel Arc . Case Sticker

Intel Arc A750

Inside the Intel Arc A750 box you get:

  • Intel Arc A750 8GB Graphics Card
  • Intel Arc . Case Sticker

So, not so much in the boxes, but then, you probably weren’t expecting much either. Our units are clearly labeled as engineering specimens, but to the best of our knowledge, these are complete retail versions in retail quality packaging.

Intel Arc A770 and A750 processor

So, what about the graphics cards themselves? The two are nearly identical to look at. The biggest visual difference is that the A770 has RGB on the outside around the fans, edges, and on the back panel. It also has a cable in the box and a small connector on the card to connect the RGB controller to your computer. The A750 does not have this, but in most other respects they are almost the same. Both are 2-slot cards with two fans, and both use an 8+6 power connector.

Perhaps oddly enough, the forehead appears to be covered in a smooth finish. So weird that you rarely touch your graphics card. But it’s really nice, as is the back panel. The only exposed screws are on the I/O board, and even that’s finished in a disguised black paint job. Everything about these graphics cards screams quality, perhaps even exaggerating the engineering a bit. The fit and finish are incredible, and there is no doubt that these are two of the best graphics cards out there. If Intel wanted to influence, it worked.

Of course, looking good is a small part of being really good. Discussions about performance will have to wait for another day, but hopefully for now at least everyone thinks they’re real.

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