Ohio State piled on Rutgers with almost obvious fake bench and seats

The Ohio State Buckeyes ran a mock gamble against Rutgers as they went up 39 points, and the seats were nearly hit-free out of bounds after the play.

The Ohio State Buckeyes faced another Big Ten opponent this season, this time with the Crimson Rutgers Knights. While Rutgers’ defense was ranked among the best in the country for the first few weeks of the season, they didn’t play a dominant attack like Ohio State’s.

In the fourth quarter, the Buckeyes were 49-10 ahead of the Scarlet Knights, and seemed to be shooting the ball away in fourth and second. Instead, Ohio’s Jesse Mirko turned it on for 22-yard gains and first descents. After Mirko runs out of bounds, he is shocked by wide receiver Aaron Cruikshank.

The seats were nearly cleaned, and coaches Ryan Day and Greg Chiano exchanged words on the sidelines.

Ohio State and Rutgers nearly squabble after a fake gamble

Cruickshank was called up for a late hit and was later kicked out of the game.

As for the score, it stayed at 49-10 all the way until the match clock hit three zeros.

Rutgers took an early 7-0 lead, but that vanished less than two minutes later, and the defeat continued.

Running back Mian Williams captured the majority of Ohio State points, running for 189 yards and five touchdowns over 21 cars.

After the match, Day told the media that he had not contacted phantom gambling. He even said Mirko saw an opportunity and ran for the first time. This, and he said that his interaction with Chiano was just two people defending his players.

It was a play everyone was talking about, and it almost became a fight to clear the seats.

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