Power Rangers Reveals The Return Of David Yost And Walter Jones From Mighty Morphin For The 30th Anniversary Season

Hasbro’s Pulse Con Power Rangers panel was filled with welcome revelations, including new details and royalties for the upcoming 30th Anniversary season, which will be Power Rangers’ cosmic rage next year. In addition to revealing new original Ranger suits and many new details regarding the display’s use in the Zords and Sentai footage, Hasbro also revealed the return of two legendary Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who turned out to be Walter Emanuel Jones and David Yost. They even recorded a video message from the Cosmic Fury group, teasing the 30th anniversary season and saying how excited they were to be a part of Cosmic Fury, and you can find everything they said and the video itself below.

Yost kicked things off by saying, “Hey Ranger Nation, David Yost is here, coming to you straight from the set in New Zealand, where we’re working on something really special to celebrate the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary. Now I can’t give you too many details just yet, but I’ll tell you it’s going to be An epic celebration, and I’m so excited to be here with an old friend. Isn’t that right?”

That’s when Jones comes in the frame, saying “What’s up at the Ranger Nation, it’s your son Walter Emmanuel Jones, aka Zack, OG Black Ranger. Yeah, we’re having a great time, and I have to say, it’s kind of hard to believe we’re celebrating It’s our 30th birthday. We’re looking pretty good now (laughs). Hey, but we’re excited to be here on set and can’t wait to celebrate and see you guys next year.”

Then Yost says “Do you know what time it is now?” And they give a classic song “It’s Morphine Time!” to finish the video. You can watch the full video in the post above. For Cosmic Fury, showrunner Simon Bennett revealed some details about the new show in the Power Rangers Day ad, which you can find below.

“Hello Ranger Nation, and Happy Power Rangers Day. My name is Simon Bennett and I am the Executive Producer and Presenter of Power Rangers Dino Fury. Now Hasbro and I have some exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you today, and the news is that I will be back for Season 30 of Power Rangers , which can be seen in 2023 and the name of the season is Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.” “Now you see, the sets are showing up here in the studio in New Zealand, and we’ve got a bit of an annoyance that we wanted to share with you.”

“So the name and logo might sound familiar to you, and that’s because I’m not the only thing returning for Season 30. In fact, the entire Dino Fury Ranger crew will be back and they will be the Cosmic Fury team, and their adventures as they fight will take them into space and across the galaxy,” Bennett said.

Season 2 of Dino Fury is available on Netflix now, and Cosmic Fury is set to debut in 2023. Are you excited for Cosmic Fury? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk about all things Power Rangers with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!


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