Are the Eagles the best team in the NFL?

As Week 4 kicks off, the Philadelphia Eagles make a strong case as the NFL’s No. 1 team as the last team left undefeated.

There have been four weeks of football in the NFL, which means teams have made four weeks of tape.

Unsurprisingly, what this tape makes clear is that this is a very quarterback-driven league, with its biggest stars tending to occupy positions in the weekly strength rankings.

But one unsung hero, the young quarterback who has repeatedly put the team on his back, is the one who exclusively leads the undefeated NFL team. Jalen Hurts, the double-threat quarterback who led his team to score at least 20 per game, proved that the Eagles could find a way to win regardless of the opponent.

True, the Eagles have faced some of the NFL’s most turbulent units — the Detroit Lions, the Washington captains, and the Jacksonville Jaguars — as well as the Minnesota Vikings that barely beat the New Orleans Saints.

But the Eagles were as dominant as anyone could be with four wins and zero losses. Looking at the Eagles table – ranked as the second easiest in the NFL, per CBS Sports – They can finish the season with one of the best records. The real test will come in January.

Until then, here are the top 5 NFL teams in Week 4.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could and should be higher on this list, but they were bitten by more injury than most units early in the season.

The team struggled without starting the offensive line and wide receivers over the past month, as the absence of Mike Evans resulted in a 14-12 loss to the Green Bay Packers in Week 3.

If the Bucs can recover, they can move up too.


Green Bay Packers

The Packers isn’t the unit that rated as highly as it has in years past, at least not for the first four weeks.

But this is a team led by back-to-back NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, a team that is still making those connections with a broad future core.

Rodgers is making these connections with Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson, which means that like Brady’s Bucs, he has room to improve the team’s ranking on this list.


buffalo bills

The Buffalo bills were staggering during the first two weeks of the season, and were the dominant force that early Super Bowl predictions tied in.

But the problem is that Josh Allen he is The Buffalo Bills – And in games where Allen becomes limited, due to weather or defense, the bills become shaky.

Without a running game to speak of, the Bills could have problems in the coming weeks if teams can contain Allen.


Kansas City Chiefs

Unlike the other elite quarterbacks who lead this list, Patrick Mahomes is arguably the most balanced unit of the group.

His team hasn’t been hurt by injury, and although he lost Tyrick Hill in the off-season, he’s not tasked with building chemistry with an entirely new set of wide receivers. Travis Kelce stays true to the Chiefs, and new receivers like Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling are already starting to spread.

And although Mahomes is an oblong name, the chiefs have their backs.

The Chiefs could be #1, and they’d probably walk out of Sunday’s evening soccer game against the Bucs with a stronger argument. But that showdown between these two teams will show which one really is the most amazing unit – at least for now.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are the last unbeaten team in the NFL, but should they be No. 1?

The answer is more complex than one might imagine. Since they are in what is considered to be the weakest division in the NFL and have already matched brilliantly with many of the weakest NFL teams, it is likely that the Eagles will win most of their games.

That’s not to say Jalen Hurts wasn’t exceptional, or that Miles Sanders wasn’t hugely productive in the run, or that the Eagles’ defense didn’t just keep opponents head-to-head in two different games.

But it has to be kept in mind, because once the Eagles take on any of the other teams on this list, it may turn out that the Eagles aren’t able to beat it all.

For now, they probably will.


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