Billy Eichner responded after the Brotherhood’s poor opening weekend performance

Early box office numbers and news for director Nicholas Stoller emerged two brothers not good. The competition against the horror film by writer/director Parker Finn smilingThe romantic comedy opened at number four and grossed just $4.8 million. While the movie is a special and unique celebration of LGBTQ+ culture on the big screen, it has garnered great reviews, and there were hopes for a resurgence of R-rated comedy, it’s hard to hide the results as anything but disappointing.

In recognition of this fact, writer and star Billy Eichner has published an honest statement in multiple parts about his character Twitter page. The topic started by noting that he had attended a stealth presentation of two brothers On a Saturday night in Los Angeles, I was elated to find the crowded crowd liking his work. Regardless of the box office, he begins his letter by stating that he is “very proud” of what he has made:

Last night I snuck up and sat in the back of a completely sold out theater playing BROS in Los Angeles. The audience started howling laughing to the end, applause erupted at the end, and some were wiping away tears as they walked out. It was really charming. truly. I am very proud of this movie.

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