Skyrim fans are very upset with the latest version of Switch

lovers The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim They found themselves completely upset with the latest Bethesda version of the game on the Nintendo Switch. Last week, there is another re-release of Skyrim came around. And while new versions of the popular RPG came out some time ago, this one has happened Skyrim Anniversary EditionWhich is something that Switch owners have been asking for for some time. Despite these requests, the reason why many fans are puzzled by this version of the title comes with its price and overall performance.

Probably the biggest problem Skyrim You have it with repeat switch of anniversary edition is that it costs $69.99 in full. So far, this is the first game we’ve seen on Switch that’s costing this new high price that has become more and more popular in recent years on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Not only are fans upset to see that price in the first place, but many are more put off by the fact that Bethesda (or maybe Nintendo) is looking to charge that much for a title that first launched in 2011.

The other major problem in this situation seems to be the content Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Since this new update that added expanded content to the game went live on Switch, some players have reported massive performance difficulties. While the previous version of Skyrim On the Switch it works fine, it looks like something is inside this anniversary edition Upgrading now has caused the game to be full of bugs. Bethesda itself has not commented on this yet, but it seems likely that the company is looking into the situation.

Do you play this new version of Skyrim For yourself now that it’s time to switch? What do you think about the price charged for the game? Make sure to let me know either in the comments or message me on Twitter at Trustworthy.

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Some fans are having performance issues

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Looks like Nintendo is charging more

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Bethesda did not announce it

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The price is higher in other regions

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Skyrim is a break for some players

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$70 for a game from 2011

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