Get $1000 to Watch Disney Halloween Movies

number hocus pocus Here: You can get $1,000 to watch Disney Halloween movies. Shane Co. is looking for jewelry company. About applicants for Stream Hawkeye Box 2, Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and other Halloween movies to answer a survey about “10 darkest classic Disney movies.” Shane will select one candidate who will fill out the online application and meet their requirements: 1. Watch any 10 movies from the Disney Halloween movie list. 2. Answer the questions provided about each movie. 3. Be 18 years of age or older and be a US citizen or permanent resident.

Shin says applicants “could be Disney fans or horror fans (but aren’t very spooky) Halloween movies. One fan will watch 10 “helpful horror movies”, as well as seasonal favorites like Mom got a date with a vampire And the The Haunted Mansion (2003), and fill out the questionnaire. If you are selected, the company will pay you $1000 and provide you with a $50 Amazon Gift Card Buy a Disney + subscription and/or films that are not broadcast on the Platform.

The winner will choose 10 Halloween Disney movies to watch a party:

  • hocus pocus
  • hocus pocus 2
  • Halloween Town
  • Halloweentown II: Calabar’s Revenge
  • Halloweentown High
  • Back to Halloween
  • cramps
  • very cramps
  • Coco
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • haunted palace
  • under the covers
  • Mom got a date with a vampire
  • Frankinweni
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Escape to Witch Mountain
  • Ghost Megaplex
  • yelp team
  • zombies
  • Zombies 2

Here’s how to apply to the candidate pool, according to the site: Visit Shane Company and fill in the entry form The answer to why you should watch Disney Halloween movies for $1000 and your favorite Halloween movie. The application deadline is November 1st; The winner will be notified on November 14th.

October 2022 marks Disney+’s third annual celebration of “Hallowstream,” which features the Halloween collection aired on Disney+. Along with the original movie event premiere hocus pocus 2 (it’s streaming now) and Marvel Studios special show: werewolf at night (October 7), subscribers can access The Simpsons Tree House of Horror Strange episodes of WandaVision, boilAnd the even stevens, and fan-favorite movies and specials like Halloween Town A set of four films 3 . zombiesAnd the Haunted Mansion The Muppets.

Watch everything streaming on Disney+ in October 2022.


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