Godzilla and the Titans cast comedy central star Anders Holm

Godzilla may be known for his adventures on the big screen, but it won’t be long before the beast makes its way to the small screen. Apple TV+ is developing a live show dedicated to Kaiju and all the monsters like it. According to diversethe show officially brought Anders Holm to the cast.

According to the update, Anders Holm has been cast as a recurring character in Godzilla and the Titans. His addition to the cast is the latest to go live as Apple previously confirmed that Wyatt Russell, Kurt Russell and Kiersey Clemons will star in the series. They will be joined by others such as Anna Sawai, Rin Watap, Mari Yamamoto and others.

As for who will play Holm, that is left to question. Apple has kept details about Godzilla and Titans close to its chest. However, fans know that the live-action series will relate to Legendary’s MonsterVerse in general. And if you want to read the official description of the program, you can find the blurb below:

“Following the resounding battle between Godzilla and Titans that destroyed San Francisco and the shocking new fact that monsters are real, the untitled series will explore one family’s journey to uncover their buried secrets and a legacy that connects them to the secret organization known as the Monarch.”

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Godzilla and Titans CEO Chris Black will produce Matt Fraction. Toho will also oversee production as the company holds the original license to Godzilla of course. And while a full roster of directors isn’t shared, we know that Matt Shukman (WandaVision) will oversee the first two episodes.

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