HBO responds to criticism that House of the Dragon scenes are too dark to see

Dragon House Episode 7 It was one of the same technical stumbles that Game of thrones He did so in the final season, with fans complaining that the episode was too weak to see many minute details in every shot. The most surprising thing is that Dragon House Episode 7, “Driftmark,” was directed by showrunner Miguel Saposhnik – the same man responsible for directing the most infamous “dark” episodes of Game of thrones – Including the Battle of Winterfell in the final season.

with Dragon House Now viewers are (again) in an uproar about the show’s poor technical presentation, HBO had to go so far as to issue a public statement on the matter. One Twitter user posted a complaint, saying, “I’ll need @hbomax to issue a written apology for an entire black screen episode of #HouseOfTheDragon, that’s ridiculous.”

A response posted by HBO Max read: “Hi Steven! We appreciate your reaching out to us about a night scene at Dragon House: Episode 7 appears dark on the screen. The dim lighting of this scene was a deliberate creative decision. Thanks! ^ LP”.

This debate, as mentioned, has raged ever since Game of thronesThe final season aired in the spring of 2019. Indeed, after the “The Long Night” episode of the Battle of Winterfell elicited intense reactions to the faint lightning, director Miguel Saposhnik’s cinematographer Fabian Wagner (Overlord) defended the stylistic choice in lighting, Echoing what other show makers, specifically, have said it was a thematic and stylistic choice to make the changing turns of fate, dark feelings or thoughts of darkness versus light part of the visual aesthetic: “I wanted to develop… [to make the] Wagner said storytelling about lighting evolves with the characters’ narration.

(Photo: HBO)

Episode “Driftmark” by Dragon House It was definitely a starting point for some allegorical musings about the shadows of death and darkness that cover the Targaryen family. The entire episode centered on the funeral of Lady Lina Villarion, the wife of Damon Targaryen, who died in childbirth. That funeral (and the reality of Lena’s death) gave rise to all kinds of tensions that split the Targaryen and Philarion families into dangerously feuding camps, bent on the path to war. Lots of futures changed during the night after Lana’s funeral, so the lighting was just right.

Behind the technical reasons, other Game of thrones And the Dragon House The cast and crew—plus fans—made the counterpoint that choices in equipment can be a factor. As a Twitter user Tweet embed Presents: “You’ll need to get grips and new TVs…the lighting was expertly executed and incredibly added to the atmospheric tension…I liked it incredibly.”

Whether the issue is purely stylistic or also influenced by technical factors, it doesn’t look like viewers will be able to settle this issue anytime soon.

Dragon House New episodes of season one air Sundays on HBO and HBO Max.



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