House of the Dragon fans are complaining that they can’t see anything in the new episode

Over the Game of thronesThere have been several times where fans have complained that the series was too dark, preventing them from seeing what was actually happening. The third episode in the final season, “The Long Night”, was the worst of the bunch, and many were angry because they couldn’t tell what was going on during a very important fight. Sunday night, Dragon House Join the Dark Party and present some hard-to-see scenes on their own.

Without spoiling any key events of the episode, several scenes took place in the night, on the shores of Driftmark, that featured many of the main characters. Fans who were watching the new episode of ‘Driftmark’ were instantly reminded of those frustrating scenes during this episode Game of thronesFeelings returned to the flood.

A fan took to Twitter During the episode to say that they “can’t see a damn thing” Dragon House. They are certainly not alone. Another fan said That the episode “looks good”, but they would have liked to spend more budget on lighting so they could see anything.

There are quite a few complaints online about lighting Dragon House This week, it reminds us of several different occasions during Game of thrones Being. One fan thinks things are worse this time, which suggests that Dragon House It is “literally the darkest show” they have ever seen, and they are unable to see anything.

In addition to frustration with the image itself, many fans are exacerbated by the fact that they cannot tell which characters participate in which scenes. Many of the dark scenes this week include the Targaryen characters, who are easily recognizable due to their bright white hair. However, there are many Targaryen and Velaryon characters in the show, and viewers cannot distinguish between them in the episode’s darkest scenes.

“what is going on,” ask one Dragon House fan on Twitter. Another jumped up to ask Other fans “talking” during a certain scene, because they weren’t able to tell.

“I still hope, every week, that Dragon House It’s going to be really well lit and I can actually show the action in a whole loop,” One disappointed fan explained. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t have to be…it seems like they are intent on filming this entire episode in the dark.”

What do you think of the lighting in the last episode of Dragon House? Let us know in the comments!


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