House of the Dragon finally reveals the marriage of Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen

Over time, it continues to creep Dragon Housefans finally witnessed one of the most problematic unions in Game of thrones Marriage privilege between Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen. Episode 7 of the fan-favorite series was packed with key developments leading up to the inevitable dance of dragons, and while there are plenty of inflammatory incidents going on, it’s the bond of Rhaenyra and Daemon that might set off the gunpowder keg. Westeros suffers from the moment Viserys Targaryen named his daughter as heir to the Iron Throne.

During the episode set at Laena Velaryon’s funeral after a complicated birth with her husband Daemon Targaryen, we see tensions rise as Queen Alicent continues to sow distrust in her ex-boyfriend Rhaenyra, which ends in a big explosion among the Greens (these). who owe allegiance to Alicent and her family) and the other Targaryens. Alicent and Viserys’ son Aemond basically steals Vhagar, the dragon that belongs to Laena, right from under the noses of House Velaryon.

The resulting quarrel between the Targaryen and Velaryon children resulted in Rhaenyra’s son’s broken nose, cutting Aemond’s eyes off, and promiscuity accusations being made among the most prominent members of the family. But, Raynera’s husband, Linor, is nowhere to be found.

Laenor is supposed to appear as the father of the Rhaenyra children, even if it’s not a good secret that they are the miscreants born by Ser Harwin Strong who was burnt to brittle in the previous episode. But Lenore is clearly grieving over his sister’s death, so he is not well equipped to deal with the trauma of the family feud.

When he finally showed up, he seemed loyal to his wife and children and promised to commit, but Rhaenyra has other plans. And while the history books indicate that she and Damon plotted his marriage, we see that she is more generous in how she handles these complications. The episode reveals that Daemon pays fans of Laenor Qarl to create a public scene that results in Laenor’s death, but in fact, the two can escape from the Driftmark and create new life in Essos without the burden of the Iron Throne.

While it’s a major revelation that changes everything we thought we knew about the history of House Targaryen, it also paves the way for Rhaenyra and Daemon to unite in marriage and advance the chosen heir’s claim to the Iron Throne. The episode concludes with the duo having a traditional Targaryen wedding, in stark contrast to the marriage Westerosi she shared with Laenor earlier in the season.

Fans have been speculating about this problematic romance for a few weeks now, and Dragon House Finally achieved it. How does this affect the Seven Kingdoms and the future Game of thrones Franchise to see yet.


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