Kirby Smart reveals the biggest reason Georgia fans shouldn’t panic

Kirby Smart Dawg Nation gives Georgia football fans a great reason not to panic.

The only panic Georgia soccer coach Kirby Smart wants to hear is a wide spread over SAE lawn while showering.

Although the Dogs have looked rough the past two weeks at home versus Kent State, especially on the road in Missouri, Smart thinks last Saturday’s upset at CoMo will be in the team’s favour. His men would grow from this experience, but more importantly, they gained confidence in their ability to take on a short-term match. Georgia may be healthier versus auburn…

Here is an excerpt from the smart postgame KOI About the possibility of exposure to miso.

“Oh, every game will reveal to us,” Smart said in his post-game press conference after his narrow road win over Missouri. “We got on defense the week before and worked on things to help with that. It helped us. They did some really good things tonight and I’m not too sure if the exposed is the right word, but they definitely did some things that guess what, we should have had.” Some answers about it and we have to get answers to it quickly. It starts with getting some healthy wide receivers and being able to run the ball.”

If the Georgia gets healthier at the wide receiver, it will really open things up for attack all over.

Kirby Smart explains why it’s stupid for football fans in Georgia to panic right now

a look. Smart firmly understands that Georgia is no longer the hunter, but the hunted. The Dawgs will have the best game for everyone from now on. Missouri played them incredibly well for four quarters, but couldn’t turn many of those long field goals into touchdowns. With the match stuck in the balances, Georgia relied on its superb game on the ground to save the situation in the final minutes.

While Stetson Bennett’s fourth starting quarterback too has admitted not playing well in CoMo, it’s tough to move sticks out of the air on the road in the Super Bowl for another team, especially when Mizzou starts to have a good defense sneaky again. Give Elijah Drinewicz credit for hiring him to the talent-rich city of St. Louis. His defense of the Tigers came into play on Saturday night.

Although Georgia can’t use health as an excuse, because often nobody will buy it, having a more complete reception team would serve the offense. Dawgs may have the best narrow end room in the country, but having players who can play in space and spread the playing field will open up more visible passage lanes for Bennett. Of course, Georgia needs to do a better job in terms of ball security.

All in all, Georgia has a great opportunity ahead of it on Saturday in what should be a proper match for the Dowgies against Auburn. Their cross division rival is arguably the worst team in SEC West. Brian Harsin is on a super hot seat. If the Tigers are blown up in Athens, this could be his last game on the Plains. Mind you, Auburn hasn’t won Athens in over a decade…

Not unless Georgia looks tough in a third straight game in case anyone at Dawg Nation panics.

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