Samuel “Sam: Mills accepted into Harris County Fire Fighter Academy 2 years after horrific accident in Katy!

Katie, TX (KTRK) – In December 2020, a football player at Tompkins High School fought for his life in the intensive care unit after a devastating accident. Now, two years later, he aims to help others.

Samuel “Sam” Mills was ejected from his car on December 26 after losing control and hitting a curb while driving home from his job at Chick-fil-A on Pin Oak Road.

According to the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office, Mills’ car overturned at least twice. He was 17 years old at the time.

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“Whenever I saw something difficult, I did not run from it; I ran towards it,” Mills said.

Mills’ road to recovery was not easy at all. He underwent physiotherapy and speech therapy.

The support of his loving family, community, and God, he credits, is what helped him get through it.

“I’ve learned a lot through my treatments,” Mills said. “My verbal communication, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are all my own.”

Now in 2022, a firefighter called Sam while he was working at Chick-Fil-A. He gave Sam a business card and told him to call him.

Sam did and felt inspired.

He then applied and entered the Harris County Firefighters Academy.

“It’s our turn, not even as a family but as an individual, to push it to those first responders. Because, boy, they don’t get recognized very much. I’m glad Sam decided to go into the field just to push it forward,” said Carrie Mills, Sam’s mother.

A whole moment as 19-year-old Sam Mills is inspired by those he saved from pushing it forward and helping others.

Sam’s mother said, “I totally believe in him. He’s a fighter.”

Training will begin October 4 and will continue for several months at Harris County Fire Academy.

Sam says he is looking forward to learning and growing. He aims to give back to the community that supported him during one of the most challenging moments of his young life.

To find out more about Sam’s journey, click here.

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