Saturday Night Live accused of ripping Charmaine’s play out of toilet paper

Saturday Night Live Returning for its 48th season, the Charmin Toilet Paper play from the season premiere was accused of stealing from a popular YouTube graphic on the Internet! The late-night variety series returned for its much-anticipated 48th season this weekend with host Miles Teller and artist Kendrick Lamar, and fans seemed to be responding well to several sketches throughout. But as the series continues to make changes due to an influx of changing talent since the end of the 47th season, there may be some growing pains that fans are noticing more and more.

One of the standout sketches from the Saturday Night Live season 48 premiere saw host Miles Tenner, along with several other mainstays on the show like Kenan Thompson, dress up as a bear family from commercials for Charmin’s brand toilet paper. During the drawing, Teller reveals that he wants to do more than just clean his ass with toilet paper, and reveals that he wants to be a dancer and has been practicing the routine. You can check the drawing in the question below:

But one thing Saturday Night Live Fans pointed out (As reported by was the fact that this drawing sounded eerily familiar to animator filmmaker Joel Haver who shared it with fans online in July. Haver’s animated short sees the son of the Charmin Bear family approach his parents about a new interest in graphic design, only for dad to shut it down because they’re supposed to clean themselves with that toilet paper. It is much shorter than Saturday Night LiveBut fans have noted the fundamental roots between the two ideas. You can judge for yourself with Haver’s brief below:

Haver himself hasn’t responded to fan tweets about the drawing and the possibility of plagiarism, but it also wouldn’t be the first time this has been done. Saturday Night Live He has been accused of potentially approaching other ideas in the past (such as a Tig Notaro fan in 2017 noting similarities to one of the comedian’s drawings from earlier years). It is not specified whether or not this is the same case here.

Saturday Night Live Season 48 will run on Saturday, October 8 at 11:30 PM EST on NBC. Domhall Gleeson will be hosting with Willow Smith as the musical guest.



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