Coolio’s friends and family believe his severe asthma contributed to his early death

Coolio was happy and healthy according to his friends and family, however, it was recently reported that severe asthma It is believed that he contributed to his death.

He was suffering from asthma

Various sources confirmed that the rapper was in fact suffers from asthma For most of his life, his friends and family told investigators that he had been suffering from this condition for some time.

Other sources told TMZ that ‘Jansta’s paradise The rapper always traveled with several inhalers, even when he was ready to take the stage, he would bring a few in his pocket and use them between songs if he needed to.

Coolio discusses the movie Weird Al YankovicTwitter

His manager confirmed his death

Jarrell Posey He was Coleo’s longtime manager, and confirmed the news, adding that Coleo passed away Wednesday afternoon at around 5 p.m. Coolio It was discovered in a friend’s house after he used the bathroom and locked it from the inside, at some point after his friend needed to break the bathroom door to help him.

Paramedics arrived at the scene

Paramedics arrived at the scene and performed resuscitation efforts for more than 45 minutes to help him recover, however, the rapper was pronounced dead at the scene.

was active

The rapper was giving concerts and was living an active life both on and off stage, performing on various stages recently and collaborating with other rappers of his era on 90’s shows.


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