Elon Musk was widely criticized for an insensitive tweet about Ukraine: Even Zelensky responded!

eMusk’s color is back to that again. This time with an opinion poll that alarmed Ukraine and met with anger. Even the head of the nation himself, Volodymyr ZelenskyIntervened.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the businessman has positioned himself in favor of Ukraine. In the early months of the conflict, he even facilitated the Starlink satellite service… but something must have changed.

His recent intervention on Twitter raised eyebrows. muskHe asked, in a hypothesis about what would happen in the future, how to bring peace to the country and what would be the future of the illegally annexed lands.

“Let’s try this next: the will of the people who live in Donbas and Crimea should decide whether they are part of Russia or Ukraine,” he asked in a Twitter poll, giving a simple “yes” or “number” answer.

Criticism of Elon Musk’s tweet about Ukraine

There was a lot of opposition given that he got over half a million responses and thousands of comments.

Among them was from Michael PodolakA presidential advisor who denounced that he was trying to legitimize an irregular operation.

“Are you trying to legitimize sham referendums held at gunpoint under conditions of persecution, mass executions and torture?” I have answered.

Zelensky quickly goes out against Musk

Zelensky He also wanted to participate in his own way by launching a counter-scan on musk. In just seven words it was so clear and conclusive

“Which Elon Musk Do you like more?

She had two options, “One supports Ukraine” or “One supports Russia”.

The survey also achieved a broad reach with over 600,000 responses in less than an hour.

The businessman replied: “I still strongly support Ukraine, but I am convinced that the massive escalation of the war will cause great harm to Ukraine and possibly the world.”


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