Frasier Sequel gets serialized rankings in Paramount +

Previously worked for some time, Paramount + He has officially given a serial order to freezer sequel series. according to LimitKelsey Grammer is not only returning to executive production of the series but will reappear as the title character, Frasier Crane. Work on the series has been happening in some form for the past four years, and it was confirmed in February of last year that Paramount+ had officially been landed. Commercial reports indicate that the first season of the show will include 10 episodes. No details about the show’s content have been revealed yet but the series will follow “the next chapter of Frasier Crane in a different city.”

Fans of the original series, set in Seattle, may be upset to learn that the new series will surround the title character with new characters. according to Limit “A native freezer Cast Members “are not expected to be on the show as a series regular but guest appearances remain on the table as a possibility. Chris Harris of How do I meet your mother Crystal atmosphere from life cut off Will production executive along with Grammer.

The last update before today on the series was in July when Grammer revealed that the team was “in the final stages of the final script for the first episode of the episode.” freezer Reboot, and it looks fine. “Talk to the talkAnd the He added, “I’ve been through it a few times, and cried, so I’m happy.”

The freezer The revival will again follow the psychiatrist’s “I’m listening.” The last time we saw him, Fraser had plans to leave Seattle radio station KACL for a new job in San Francisco, but the series finale ended with Fraser landing in Chicago to pursue his romance with Charlotte (Laura Linney).

Grammar previously said of joining Paramount+ with the series: “Having spent more than 20 years of my creative life on the Paramount lot, both producing shows and performing on several shows, I’d like to congratulate Paramount+ on entering the world of live broadcasting.” “I happily anticipate sharing the next chapter in Dr. Fraser Crane’s ongoing journey.”

Theatrical performance of the classic sitcom cheersAnd the freezer It debuted on September 16, 1993, and ran for 11 seasons on NBC with its final showing on May 13, 2004. The original series featured the late John Mahoney, father of Frasier Martin Crane, and David Hyde Pierce as his brother, psychiatrist Dr. Niles Crane. The series also stars Jane Levis as Daphne and Berry Gilpin as Rose.


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