Hocus Pocus 2 is the biggest Disney+ movie show

hocus pocus 2 It is a Disney+ holiday success. On Tuesday, the streaming service reported that hocus pocus 2Disney + Original is a sequel to the 1993 original hocus pocus, is the most-watched domestic Disney+ movie premiere to date, measured in hours aired in the first three days of its release. It did not reveal the number of broadcast hours. The film received a mixed selective reception from critics, with many saying it plays mostly as a nostalgic fan service for fans of the original film. hocus pocus 2 Currently 62% positive rating on rotten tomatoes, which is located at the lower end of the word “fresh”. The film critics’ consensus on the review aggregator reads, “hocus pocus 2 It’s basically a cauldron of nostalgia, but that’s only enough for this late sequel to cast a reasonably effective spell.”

Patrick Kavanaugh of ComicBook.com gave hocus pocus 2 3 out of 5 in his review of the movie. He writes, “Still, with the original hocus pocus The script developed over the course of a decade before the film finally hit theaters, only to be plunged into oblivion upon official release. Everyone involved in honoring the concept came close to this sequel from Place of Love and it is a pleasure to see these characters earn the long-awaited praise. Midler, Parker, and Jimmy rejoice at their return, well deservedly, while the supporting characters give the villains a run for their money. While many audiences will be charmed by any adventure featuring the Sanderson Sisters, others will realize that we have been given tricks disguised as gifts.”

in hocus pocus 2It’s been 29 years since someone lit a black-flame candle and resurrected the 17th century sisters, and they seek revenge. Now it’s up to three high school students to prevent predatory witches from wreaking a new kind of havoc on Salem Day before dawn every night sanctify.”

hocus pocus 2 stars Bette Midler (First Wives ClubAnd the beaches), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the CityAnd the divorce), Cathy Najimi (Sister’s LawAnd the younger), Sam Richardson (Tomorrow’s war), Doug Jones (water shape), Whitney Beck (gossip girl), Belissa Escobedo (american horror stories), Lilia Buckingham (dirt), Furry Gutierrez (Teen Wolf), with Tony Hill (vice president), and Hannah Wadingham (Ted Lasso). Ann Fletcher (dumblinAnd the Suggestion or offer) Orientation hocus pocus 2 From a screenplay by Jen D’Angelo (workaholics), based on the story of David Kirchner (hocus pocusAnd the chucky), Blake Harris and Jane D’Angelo. Lynn Harris (King RichardAnd the shallow(Produced the film with Ralph Winter)hocus pocusthe X-Men franchise), David Kirchner (hocus pocusAnd the chuckyand Adam ShankmanFrustratingAnd the hairspray) Work as executive producers.

hocus pocus 2 It is now streaming on Disney+.


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