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James Bond bosses are working hard on the search for a new actor to take on the role of 007 after Daniel Craig stepped down last year. But the franchise’s heroes, Michael J. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, are also looking for a new artist to take on the Bond song for the next movie. The latest movie, No Time To Die, used Billie Eilish to release a song of the same name – the track that won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. However, getting pop stars on board wasn’t always an easy task.

Broccoli recently opened up about looking for an artist to write a song for Daniel Craig’s second 007 movie: Quantum of Solace. After searching high and low, they finally settled on working with gorgeous British superstar Amy Winehouse.

However, Broccoli has now revealed that her meeting with the Back To Black singer didn’t go according to plan.

She said, “Well, this meeting was so sad. She wasn’t at her best and my heart really went to her. She was so emotionally fragile, you know, I understood how she could create such moving material because he had such deep feelings and that was tragic Extremely “.

Winehouse had a history of alcoholism and drug abuse, so Broccoli’s comments may have been indicative of the struggle she experienced in her later years.

Winehouse’s problems were further revealed in the lyrics to her 2006 song Rehab, where she pronounced her lyrics: “They tried to make me go to rehab/But I said no, no, no.”

Reports at the time claimed that Bond’s company, EON, had abandoned Winehouse due to her “heavy drug use”.

A source said in 2008, “A month ago, Amy was thought to be the concert tune for Bond 22. Her voice and musical style were perfectly in sync with what Bond was all about. There was talk of her having a cameo by performing a theme tune at Bond Club visits. Smokey – but that’s out the window now.” (Via Express)

“After all the reports of severe drug use, self-harm and domestic violence, it’s fair to say the bosses here aren’t keen on the idea,” the source added.

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Americans Jack White and Alicia Keys released Another Way to Die in 2008 in the theme track Quantum of Solace. He received positive reviews, but did not become as creative as the songs that appeared in subsequent Craig Bond films.

Adele released Skyfall for the movie of the same name and won an Oscar for Best Original Song for her performance on the track.

Similarly, Sam Smith released the writing on the wall for Specter and also won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Broccoli looked back at the three Academy Award-winning songs, saying, “It really is our pleasure. It was great when Adele won, then Sam Smith, then Billy and [her brother and producer] Phineas – So we really couldn’t be happier. It was a great time at the Oscars for our music.”

Wilson also recently spoke candidly about the future of the 007 franchise. He has opened up about changes that may come in the series now that Craig has stepped down from the iconic spy role.

In recent months, rumors have surfaced that the new 007 will be completely different in some way – be it heritage, skin colour, background or age.

However, he noted that the new Bond actor would be a “30-year-old star”. He continued, “We’ve tried to look at young people in the past but trying to visualize that didn’t work. Remember Bond is already a veteran. He’s had some experience – he’s someone who’s gone through wars, so he spoke. He might have been in SAS or something. He’s not a kid. Out of high school you can bring it up and get started.”


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