Mario fans demand more loot after the first movie poster

The first Super Mario Bros. poster from Illumination Entertainment was released today, and Nintendo fans seem quite pleased with the design! The poster shows Mario and several frogs, and even offers a glimpse of Peach’s Castle. It’s a stunning poster, but Mario fans have noticed something missing: Mario’s butt. Across social media, Nintendo fans have pointed out that Mario lacks the backside, which is one of the things you wouldn’t actually expect to write. However, many fans had some funny things to say about this particular item in the poster, including how it can make it difficult for Mario to defeat his enemies!

The Mario movie poster was released just two days before the movie’s first teaser. The teaser will debut at NYCC on Thursday, with the Nintendo Direct show set to immediately after 1:05 p.m. PT. With the Super Mario movie set to be released on April 7th, it’s hard to say how much new information will be revealed, but it’s clear that Nintendo started building up the hype ahead of the movie’s release!

Keep reading to see what Nintendo fans have to say about Mario’s butt!

Perhaps the lighting did not expect this speech.

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This time they went away!

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It must have been all those pounds.

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Mario’s back apartment has been canon the whole time.

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Hey, maybe it’s for the best!




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