The evolution of House of the Dragon’s Big Twist may lead to another major change in the history of Game of Thrones

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the final episode of House of the Dragon! Continue reading at your own risk… Sunday night episode of Dragon House, “Driftmark,” with the show’s biggest twist to date. It appears that Rhaenyra and Daemon are planning to kill Laenor, which will allow them to finally marry each other, but it is revealed at the last moment that Laenor was in the plot as well. His death was faked, and the show ended with Lenore’s now bald tour to be seen with Karl Currie, ready for a new life.

This was a big surprise for those who have read George R.R. Martin’s book fire and blood, because it represented a huge change in the story. In the book, Lenore died the same year his sister Lena died in the sixth episode of Dragon House. Choosing to keep him alive, Dragon House It not only changes Lenore’s story, but potentially brings about another massive change in the Game of thrones History is on the way.

During the war known as the Dance of Dragons, Rhinera and her army need as many Dragon Guards as possible to defeat her half-brother, Aegon II. Enlist the help of two young men named Adam and Allen, Merida’s sons of Hull.

Merida claimed that Adam and Allen were the bastard children of Laenor Velaryon, although many who knew of Laenor’s homosexuality believed that the children actually belonged to Corlys Velaryon. Adam, the eldest of the boys, was able to ride Seasmoke, the dragon that belonged to Lenore, to aid in Rhaenyra’s efforts. Allen fought in the war, too. Reinera legalized the bastards at Corlys’ request, naming them the Driftmark heirs. Alyn took over as Lord of the Tides after the deaths of Addam and Corlys.

This is how things happened fire and bloodbut Dragon House Now he has another interesting way to tell that story. Lenore could easily return to the barn after the war began to ride Seasmoke again. He and Rinera have always cared about each other, and it is likely that he wants to fight alongside her in the war against Aliscent and Aegon II. This also provides the opportunity for Korez to deal with his complex feelings about his son’s sexuality. Having thought he lost Lenore, Corliss may see things much differently upon his son’s return.

Clearly, Lenore would need to return under a false name in this scenario, as any evidence of his life would raise public issues in Rhaenyra and Daemon’s marriage. This only adds to the idea that he could take the name Addam and pretend to be a bastard Velaryon. It’s hard to say whether the show will choose to merge Addam and Alyn into one character, putting Laenor in charge of the Driftmark after his father’s death, or whether there will be another Alyn later in the series.

There is always a chance that Lenore can simply live out the rest of his life in peace, away from the Iron Throne and the House of Targaryen, but the decision to keep him alive is too important to reconsider. Lenore will return at some point, and it will be interesting to see exactly how Dragon House Plan to resubmit it.


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