Call of Duty 2025 is rumored to be a divisive sequel

call of duty modern warfare 2 They haven’t come out yet, but Call of Duty fans might have an idea of ​​what’s planned two years into this next game. According to a new Call of Duty rumor spread this week, 2025 is supposed to be a sequel to 2014. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare It will be developed by Sledgehammer Games, the studio responsible for the first game. How it is received will depend on your thoughts about advanced warfare itself, but if the responses to this rumor so far are any indication, it seems that people are already divided over the idea of advanced warfare sequel.

RalphsValve, a Call of Duty insider who has been sharing information on several projects and has launched windows over the past two months, shared the latest news on Call of Duty 2025 this week. Amid a period of WWII shooter game fatigue, a Call of Duty leaker said Hammerhead Games were looking to move away from the historical setting and return to a gaming-like future. advanced warfare and 2016 Call of Duty: Infinity War are inside.

But even though people are tired of World War II games, those games that will be set in the future are not widely accepted either. advanced warfare The single-player campaign was received exceptionally well upon release, but the multiplayer was not universally loved. That could be said for any new Call of Duty game, but critics’ complaints about this game seem to focus specifically on the same futuristic aspects such as the new gadgets and Exo moves that gave the fighters super soldier-like abilities. While many viewed this as a welcome change to the typical Call of Duty formula, others felt that Exo’s moves in particular pushed Call of Duty away from its standards.

These are all just rumors at this point, however, given the way we talk about a game supposedly slated for 2025, it will be much longer before we hear anything official about this game. Activision previously said it will have “premium content planned for 2023 and beyond,” but reports have indicated that the next Call of Duty game will be released in 2024.


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